Learn the basics of fly fishing

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August 27, 2018
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October 13, 2018

Learn the basics of fly fishing

While we can teach you everything you need to know about fly fishing to get started, you might want to familiarize yourself with some of the basics before your next fishing trip with us. Here are some things to consider:

47383037 - fisherman with rod in the boat on the calm pond at sunset1. Understand how to cast

Although there are many ways to cast, one good one is the 10 to 2 cast method. This position means that you don’t lower your arm further than 2 o’clock when casting forward or below 10 o’clock when casting backward. When you are learning this position, don’t forget to keep your wrist straight so you don’t whip up the water.

2. Know how to spot a fish

Spotting a fish can be difficult depending on the water flow, but there are a few things that can help. The first is to purchase and wear a pair of polarized sunglass to minimize the glare of the sun on the water. The second is to keep an eye out for a fish’s shadow on the bed of the stream. Fish tend to blend into the water, but their shadows do not. Finally, be sure to be quiet when you approach a stream. If you stomp, you will scare the fish away before you even have the chance to catch one.

3. Understand how flies work

Each fly has a different purpose. Most trout flies are designed to look like bugs to trick fish into taking a bite. Different types of flies also sit at different levels of the water. Some flies you can purchase at your local fly shop include Mayfly Hatch, Caddisfly Hatch and Stonefly Hatch. If you have more questions about the function of flies, don’t be afraid to ask an associate at your local shop.

We hope you’re getting excited for your guided trip with us! We’re certainly looking forward to hosting you. Please visit our website at www.parkcityoutfitters.com for information. Remember, we provide the fishing equipment, licenses, transportation and expertise. It’s up to you to bring your curiosity and sense of adventure.