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November 9, 2018
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December 14, 2018

Pheasant hunting tips

Pheasant hunting season in Utah is here, making it the perfect time to book a guided hunting tour! Although popular, pheasant hunting can be a challenge to even the most experienced hunters. Follow these tips from our experts to help maximize your pheasant hunting experience:

Cast and BlastTake your time

Pheasants are smart birds, making them capable of hiding from you. This makes it important to walk slowly and take your time when looking for pheasants. If you stop walking and stand still from time to time, the birds may think you have spotted them, causing them to fly away. Additionally, it is a good idea to walk to the end of ditch banks with a partner. Once you reach the end of the bank, the pheasants will have nowhere to hide, making them more likely to flush.

Use a bird dog

It is common for successful pheasant hunters to use a good bird dog to help them find birds and track them down after they’ve been shot. Trained bird dogs have the ability to locate pheasants hiding in grass and brush and notifying their owner immediately.

Look near water

Pheasants that live in dry weather are most likely going to be located near water sources. First look for birds near streams, ponds and rivers and then look near alternate water sources including faucets, irrigation canal and pump hoses. Since you will be near water, be sure to wear the right equipment like rain gear and waterproof boots. If you accidentally trip and fall into a water source, you want to be protected.

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